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Natural Chestnut Knob Stick

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This is a particularly stout and heavy weight one piece walking stick with a large knob style handle. 
This model is more suited to men due to the weight and thickness of the stick. It weighs approximately 500 grams and has a diamter between 26 and 2mm. This walking stick is 91cm (36 inches) tall (from the ground to the top of the handle). If this is too tall for you, we can shorten it for you and fit a new ferrule (metal or rubber or both). 
Just add the crop service to your order and tell us what height you need. The stick is made from one piece of chestnut wood that has had its bark removed and a varnish applied. The tip is finished with a metal ferrule. Please add a rubber ferrule to your order if you want a grip ferrule. 

  • Order code 4
  • Height 91cm (36 Inches)
  • Made from natural Chestnut wood
  • Weight 500g
  • Complete with metal ferrule
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