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Extra Tall Adjustable Black Escort Cane

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Choose this all-black, escort handled walking cane if you are looking for a cane with extra height. The maximum height you can adjust it to is 97cm, about 6cm longer than our standard sticks. These kind of walking sticks are often purchased in pairs as the handles are comfortable to hold and are therefore good to use as everyday sticks to use a lot. Having a pair of sticks helps a lot with balance and stability. The height from the base of the ferrule to the top of the handle is adjustable from 75cm to 97cm (29.5 to 38 inches) by using the easy to use adjusting mechanism. This stick is made from lightweight aluminium metal with an acrylic handle. A rubber ferrule covers the tip and you may wish to order a couple of spares with your order as they do wear out with use.
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