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Snakewood Derby Walking Cane

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Snakewood, also known as letterwood, leopard wood, speckled wood and amourette. Snakewood is an extremely heavy, hard and strong wood. Very smooth when finished as it has a natural polish. Used for umbrella handles, walking sticks, caskets, fancy items and cabinet making. This walking stick is 91cm (36 Inches) in height (to the top of the handle), with the possibility of shortening it if required. Please add the crop service and give us the new height needed and we will cut it for you and add a rubber ferrule to the end. It has a traditional Derby shape handle, a smart collar around the neck and a metal ferrule on the tip. Please add a rubber ferrule to your order if you want one too and/or any of the other accessories above. The snakewood Derby walking cane weighs 300 grams and is a good choice if you want a stick with a rich and interesting textured shaft.

  • Order code 37h
  • Height 91cm (36 Inches)
  • Derby Handle
  • Weight 300g
  • Complete with 5/8 inch metal ferrule
  • Hardwood shaft
  • Brass Collar
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