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Rosewood Crutch Walking Stick

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This new walking stick has been very popular since we added it to the range. When two or more different woods are bonded together, it is called a laminate and the effect is very pleasing to the eye. The total height to the top of the handle is 95cm (38 inches) and the diameter beneath the handle is 22mm tapering to 18mm at the tip. The length can be easily shortened if 95cm is too tall for you. We can do this for you or you can do it yourself with a fine tooth everyday saw, a table top and a tea towel to hold the stick securely. The rubber ferrule can be pushed on to the tip again after the cut has been made.

  • Order code 107
  • Height 95cm
  • Handle Dimensions 14 x 2.5cm
  • Stick Diameter 22mm tapering to 18mm
  • Crutch Handle
  • Slim Silver Plated Collar
  • Weight 400g
  • Complete with rubber ferrule
  • Rosewood
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