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Black and White Crutch Handled Walking Stick

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A black and white marble effect handled walking cane with an acrylic handle and a beech wood shaft. The total height is 90.5cm and can be cut down to size if you need a shorter stick than this. The tip is covered with a rubber ferrule but if you would prefer a metal one, please request this by email or phone once you have placed your order. The shaft colour is a dark brown and the stick is finsihed with a nickel collar around the neck.

  • Order code geh204
  • Height 90.5cm
  • Handle dimensions 12cm x 1.8cm
  • Black and white marble effect acrylic crutch handle
  • Shaft diameter 19mm
  • Dark brown wooden shaft
  • Weight 280 grams
  • Complete with nickel collar and rubber ferrule
  • Made from beech wood
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