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Rattan Crook Walking Stick

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This walking stick weighs just 220 grams and has a rubber black ferrule on the end. The height to the top of the handle is 91cm (36 Inches) but it can be shortened if required (just add the crop service to your order above and tell us the new height needed). The stick diameter is 18mm and the handle is 11cm wide. Crook handled rattan walking sticks are made by firstly heating the rattan cane, then bending the handle part around a drum and tying the two parts of the stick together. The stick is then plunged into cold water and the crook shape is preserved., magic Rattan is like bamboo, very strong but light weight, perfect for stick making. When you think of bamboo walking sticks, the skinny, bendy wangee cane comes to mind with Charlie Chaplin swinging it around.

  • Order code eh512
  • Height 91.5cm
  • Handle Width 11cm
  • Stick Diameter 18mm
  • Traditional Crook Handle
  • Weight 220 grams
  • Complete with rubber ferrule
  • Made from rattan
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