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Flamed Crook Walking Cane

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A chestnut wood walking cane with the bark removed and a flame torch applied to the handle and shaft to give it a very attractive finish. This is a good choice if you are looking for something a little different but like the traditional crook style handle. The height to the top of the handle is 91cm and we can cut it shorter for you if need be. The diameter of the wooden shaft is 20mm with no taper and the end has a rubber ferrule attached to it. We can add a metal ferrule if you prefer, just email us to request this and we will fit one on before despatching your order. This is a lightweight stick at only 240 grams.

  • Order code geh16
  • Height 91cm
  • Handle dimensions 11.5cm x 2cm
  • Crook handle
  • Shaft diameter 20mm
  • Manilla wooden shaft
  • Weight 240 grams
  • Complete with rubber ferrule
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