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Crook Walking Cane with Carved Detail

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This is a hardwood crook walking cane that has carved lines around the shaft to give it the appearance of bamboo. The handle also has some carved detail to finish it off. We can cut this stick to any height you require, just add the crop service to your order and specify the total height required above. It is 92cm to the top of the handle to steart with and can only be cut shorter, not longer. The shaft has a diameter of 21mm at the handle, tapering to 18mm at the tip. The tip is covered with a rubber ferrule and we can put a metal one on instead if you prefer (please contact us by email to request this and we will do it before we send your order out).

  • Order code geh28
  • Height 92cm
  • Handle Width 11.5cm
  • Stick Diameter 21mm tapering to 18mm
  • Traditional Crook Handle with carved detail
  • Weight 300 grams
  • Complete with brass collar and rubber ferrule
  • Made from chestnut wood
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