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Bamboo Cane with Chestnut Crook Handle

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This cane combines the strength and flexibility of bamboo with the reliability of chestnut wood. The handle is attached to the bamboo shaft by way of a steel rod connecting the two. Bamboo is a great material for stick making as it is supremely lightweight and strong to boot. This is a tall stick at 102cm to the top of the handle however, we can shorten it for you if this is too tall. Please add the crop service to your order and tell us the new height you want. The weight of the entire cane is only 260 grams and the end has a rubber ferrule covering it. It is very difficult to add a metal ferrule to a bamboo walking cane as it s difficult to taper the end to fit it so that it is flush to the shaft.

  • Order code geh36
  • Bamboo shaft (diameter 18mm)
  • Chestnut crook handle (measures 13 x 2.5cm)
  • Weight 260 grams
  • Height 102cm
  • Slim collar
  • Complete with rubber ferrule
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