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One Piece Walking Sticks

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One piece walking sticks are so called as they are constructed from just a single piece of wood, making them strong and reliable. 
We have various heights available with various handle types too. Sticks that are not one piece, are made with a separate handle attached to the shank with a metal or wooden dowel.
We have one piece knobsticks, crook canes, shepherd's crooks, thumbsticks, cross head sticks and hiking poles to choose from. Take a look in the handmade section too.
One piece crook handled canes are constructed by steaming one end of the wooden pole are bending it around a jig to make the crook handle and then it is plunged into cold water to set the shape.
Thumbsticks are grown naturally and the branches cut in the correct place to make the V shape.
Cross head sticks are formed naturally too. The handle part is usually part of the root or a horizontal branch, and the shank is the shoot that has grown from it.

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