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Cream & Brown Umbrella Stick

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This is a good umbrella walking stick for taller people as the height can be adjusted from 87cm to 95cm (34 to 38 inches) from the ground to the top of the handle. The umbrella canopy is an attractive checked design in navy blue, brown and cream colours. The robust handle is made of wood and cut in the Derby style. The metal tip is covered by a replaceable rubber ferrule. We stock these ferrules for when the one supplied wears down. This is a good choice if you are looking for a walking stick in disguise.

  • Order code 4716a
  • Height adjustable from 87 to 95cm
  • Wooden Derby Handle
  • Slim Brass Collar
  • Rubber Ferrule (coderff80 for future orders)
  • 90cm Canopy Diameter
  • Navy/Brown/Cream Check canopy
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