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Bubbles Patterned Seat Stick

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This is a fun patterned seat stick by Switch Sticks. We also stock their two other seat sticks, The Kensington and The Storm. Seat sticks are lightweight and practical three-legged seats to take out on picnics, watching outdoor sports events and other places where seating is limited or unavailable. Only for use by people with good balance. The height of the handle is 86cm from the ground and the seat height (when folded out) is 57cm from the ground. This seat is supplied with three rubber feet on the tips on the three legs for extra grip. We also sells replacements for these. The maximum user weight should not exceed 100 kilograms.

  • Order code wstsbub
  • Handle height 86cm
  • Typically used by someone 150-175cm / 5ft-5ft 10 inchs tall
  • Seat height 57cm
  • Weight 900g
  • Aluminium frame with plastic seat, 3 Rubber feet
  • Folding seat opening into tripod design
  • Maximum weight capacity 100kg
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