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Rubber Tipped Shooting Stick

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This shooting stick DOES NOT have a spiked tip It has a rubber tip for use on hard surfaces such as pavements rather than a spiked tip to use in the field. The other shooting sticks we sell have spiked tips and then you purchase a special rubber ferrule seperately that fits on over the spike. Then you can switch between the two types depending on the type of ground. When the seat handle is folded up, you can adjust the overall height from 71cm to 90cm and as a seat, from 58cm to 76cm. Like all of the other shooting sticks we sell, this is one heavy too at 920 grams. The leather sling seat is 10cm deep and 38cm wide (with the handles) and 29cm wide (without the handles). Shooting sticks and seat sticks should only be used by people with good balance in a sensible place (i.e not next to a railway track).

  • Order code 3713
  • Folded Height adjustable from 71cm to 90cm
  • Seat Height adjustable from 58cm to 76cm
  • Seat Dimensions W10cm, Total Length38cm, L29cm (without handles)
  • Weight 920g
  • Aluminium and steel with brown leather seat
  • Rubber Tipped for use on hard surfaces
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