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Adjustable Seat Stick

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This is a lightweight (only 500 grams) seat stick. Great for days out, providing a lean-to seat when seating is hard to find or non-existent. As a walking stick (with the seat sections folded up) the height can be adjusted from 84 to 102cm and as a seat it's 65 to 82cm. The total weight is 500 grams and it will support a maximum user weight of 125 kilograms. The shaft is made from aluminium metal and the seat is plastic. It has a spiked tip and a ground plate to prevent the spike from sinking into soft ground and you can push a rubber ferrule over the top of the spiked ferrule for use on hard ground too.

  • Order code 2110
  • Stick height 84 - 102cm
  • Seat height 65 - 82cm
  • Weight = 500g
  • Spiked tip and ground plate
  • Lightweight aluminium shaft and moulded plastic seat
  • Pull seat wings apart to form a seat
  • Push seat wings together to form a stick handle
  • Maximum weight capacity 125kg
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