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Extra Short Foldaway Black Flipstick

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Black, green and extra short foldaway flipsticks. We stock height adjustable foldaway flipsticks too. These are to be used by people with good balance only. A lot of customers have purchased these to take away on holiday with them. Imagine walking around with a tour guide and being able to perch on your own seat or have something to lean on now and then. The standard black and green flip sticks are 89cm tall when used as a stick and 76cm as a seat when the handle is flipped into the horizontal seat position. The extra short stick is 82.5cm as a stick and 70cm as a seat. Complete with a handy canvas bag with a shoulder strap and a rubber foot at the tip. The maximum user weight is 130 kilograms.

  • Order code 032a/032b/032c
  • Stick height 89cm
  • Seat height 76cm
  • Extra Short Stick height 82.5cm
  • Extra Short Seat height 70cm
  • Weight 650g (including carry bag)
  • Folds away neatly in handy co-ordinating bag with carrying strap
  • Folded inside bag measurements 24cm x 28cm x 5cm
  • Lightweight aluminium shaft and moulded plastic seat
  • Push button mechanism turns the stick into a seat
  • Maximum weight capacity 130kg
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