Y Sticks & Wading Sticks

Thumbsticks and wading sticks are designed to be held with the thumb hooked through the V shaped handle.

Thumbsticks are traditional country sticks made from Hazel, Ash and Chestnut.

Our Chestnut thumb Sticks have been bark stripped and laquered. The Hazel and Ash thumbsticks are sold with their natural bark.

Thumbsticks have a myriad of uses when out walking in the countryside. Autumn brings plenty of fruit picking oportunities and having a thumbstick in tow makes it easier to reach the richest pickings! Think of a bunch of big, juicy blackberries just beyond reach in a bramble of thorns.

We offer two kinds of wading staffs. Wooden and aluminium/steel.

The alumininium and steel wading staffs are completely waterproof as they are covered completely by a robust PVC coating. The design of these wading staffs is considered by many users to be second to none. These staffs do not have any joints to become strained under pressure and the shoulder sling makes them comfortable to wear.

Floating is impossible as the end is weighted (1kg for the Spey model and 500g for the Seaforth model). The aluminium/steel wading staffs also have a nomograph which is a length to weight scale to enable the angler to assess the catch. It also works as a measuring stick to gauge the depth of the water before going in!

Both the wooden and the metal wading sticks have a Lanyard or strap to secure the stick around the body and both types have a weighted end and rubber foot for gripping.

Wading sticks are used by fishermen for three things, keeping balance in moving water, checking the depth of the water and for crossing rivers.

Antler Thumbstick with Magnet


Chestnut Combination Spiked Tip Thumbstick


Two Part Hazel Thumbstick


Ash Thumbstick with Bark


Short Ash Thumbstick


Junior Thumbstick


Red Stag Antler Thumbstick


Chestnut Thumbstick


Chestnut Thumbstick with Bark


Hazel Thumbstick with Bark and Combi Spike Tip


Chestnut Thumbstick with Bark and Combi Spike Tip


Antler Thumbstick with Whistle on Hazel


Antler Wading Staff


Stripped Bark Chestnut Wading Staff


Heavy Weight Wading Staff


Medium Weight Wading Staff



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