Silver Chrome & Fancy

These walking sticks have silver plated and chrome handles fitted to finely glass lacquered hardwood shafts. These canes are suitable for the customer looking for a dress cane for formal or smart dress occasions such as weddings.

As the shafts are wooden, they can be cut shorter by us if needed. Please add the crop service to your order and tell us the total height you require.

Our range of brass handled walking sticks are competitively priced and make great gifts.

The wooden shank can be cut to size if you wish, which we can do or you can do at home with a fine toothed saw. The canes are all originally 36 inches or 91cm.

Chrome plated walking canes are perfect for special occasions and to accompany smart outfits. Chrome plate is achieved by electroplating a thin layer of chromium onto the metal handle beneath.

This category of walking sticks also includes tippling canes. These are special system sticks that have a removeable handle that reveals a hidden flask in the shaft of the stick to contain a dram of your favorite tipple.

Silver Plated Knob Stick with Black Shaft


Embossed Chrome Knob Stick


Embossed Patterned Chrome Crutch Cane


Adjustable Chrome Derby Walking Stick


Adjustable Chrome Crutch Walking Stick


Embossed Chrome Handled Walking Cane


Chrome Plated Crutch Cane


Chrome Crutch Stick with Black Shaft


Silver Plated Stick with Black Shaft


Chrome Crutch Stick with Cherry Shaft


Silver Plated Twisted Cap Walking Stick


Brass Crown Handled Walking Cane


Brass Branch Handled Walking Stick


Gloss Black Tipplng Stick


Beech Crook Tipplng Cane


Turned Maple Tippling Stick


Beech Tippling Cane



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