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Cornflower Blue Folding Derby Handled Stick with Pink and White Flowers

Product Details:

  • Order code: geh306
  • Height adjustable from 83.5 to 93.5cm
  • Handle Dimensions: 14 x 2.1cm
  • Stick Diameter: 21mm to 18mm
  • Folded up dimensions: 30 x 14cm
  • Holding clip/sleeve included
  • Wooden Derby handle
  • Weight: 375 grams
  • Complete with copper collar and rubber ferrule
  • Made from aluminium

Price: £28

 + Spare Rubber Ferrule £1.50
 + Wrist Strap £3.50
 + Cane Holder £7.95

Walking cane holder Walking cane wrist strap Walking stick tip or ferrule Anti-slip Ice Grip Attachment- fits any walking stick

A pretty floral walking aid in cornflower blue with pink and white flowers. We stock a large range of folding sticks so take your time and have a browse. This walking stick is height adjustable from 83.5 to 93.5cm using an-easy-to-operate mechanism to quickly set it to the height you want. The shaft sections are made from aluminium metal and are held together by a springy cord running through the centre of the pieces. The Derby shape handle is made from solid wood and measures 14 x 2.1cm. When folded up, this stick takes up a space of only 30 x 14cm and it is supplied with a holding clip to keep the pieces together when its folded up. When you want to use the stick again simply grip the handle, remove the clip and give it a little shake and the pieces will click into place. The total weight of this walking stick is 375 grams. The wooden handle makes it a little heavier than most.
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