Derby Walking Canes

Fixed length Derby canes are all of our wooden sticks. They are not adjustable in height but we can cut any of them down to a shorter height for you if needed.

The height adjustable Derby walking sticks are all made from aluminium metal and the height can be easily set to suit the user best. These sticks have wooden handles and rubber ferrules.

The extra tall Derby canes are any that are taller than 91cm (the standard height).

Dress walking canes are those that are a bit fancy in some way, either a metal plated handle or any otherwise attractive handle or shaft.

If you were looking for a particular Derby walking cane and you cannot see it after clicking through to the various categories above, please contact us by email or phone and we will try to source it for you. We do not stock every walking stick from our various suppliers, but we can always order one in for you when we make our weekly orders.

Derby cane handles are designed to hook over the wrist to free up the hands when not in use, very handy! The Derby Canes are named after Lord Derby. Most of our Derby canes are 36 inches or 91 centimetres in length and are available in plain wooden designs or dressier designs for special occasions and gifts.

Our excellent range of adjustable Derby canes are strong, reliable and great quality. Click on each walking stick image to find out the measurements. The Union Flag and the poinsettia canes make ideal gifts.

These walking sticks are perfect for those looking for a colourful alternative or if you are unsure of the exact height stick you require.

Choose a dress cane if you are looking for a walking cane for special occasions or just a smarter look. Sticks classed as dress canes have unusual or attractive handles and generally look a bit fancy.

Flamed and Etched Derby Stick


Classic Derby Stick


Curved Handled Derby Stick


Smart Collared Walking Stick


Flamed Chestnut Derby Stick


Rich Derby Cane


Blue Handled Derby Stick on Black Shaft


Translucent Cream Derby Handled Cane


Translucent Grey Derby Handled Cane


Pink and Black Acrylic Derby Walking Stick


Pink and Grey Acrylic Derby Walking Stick


White and Black Acrylic Derby Walking Stick


White and Grey Acrylic Derby Walking Stick


Leopard Print Derby Walking Stick


Orange and Black Acrylic Derby Walking Stick


Green Acrylic Derby Walking Stick


Red Acrylic Derby Walking Stick


Brown Acrylic Derby Walking Stick


Beech Wood Derby Walking Stick


Bamboo Look Derby Walking Stick


Dark Brown Derby Cane with Carved Detail


Black and White Derby Handled Walking Stick


Maple on Hazel Derby Cane


Ladies Pastel Peach Derby Walking Stick


Ladies Pastel Lavender Derby Walking Stick


Ladies Pastel Aqua Derby Walking Stick


Ladies Pastel Pink Derby Walking Stick


Textured Handle Derby Cane


Mongoy Derby Walking Stick


Bubinga Derby Walking Stick


Holm Oak Derby Walking Stick


Derby Cane with Horn Inlay Handle


Black Handled Natural Grain Derby Cane


Red Handled Derby Walking Stick


Blue Handled Derby Walking Stick


Dark Red Derby Walking Stick


Blue Derby Walking Stick


Brown Ash Derby Walking Stick


Purple Ash Derby Walking Stick


Pink Ash Derby Walking Stick


Afromosia Derby Walking Stick


Ringed Walking Cane


Ladies Ringed Walking Cane


Flame Scorched Derby Walking Cane


Mahogany Walking Cane


Black Walking Cane with Natural Wood Handle


Beech Derby Walking Stick


Brown Derby Walking Stick


Spiral Derby Walking Stick


Black Derby Walking Stick


Green Derby Walking Stick


Flame Scorched Wooden Derby Cane


Snakewood Derby Walking Cane


Morocco Derby Cane


Ladies Patterned Derby Cane


Gents Wide Handle Amber Derby Stick


Gents Extra Wide Soft Handled Derby Stick


Silver Painted Derby Cane with Grey Marble Acrylic Handle


Gents Acacia Handled Derby Cane with Beech Shaft


Ladies Black Hardwood Derby Walking Stick with Nickel Collar


Gents Black Hardwood Derby Walking Stick with Nickel Collar


Ladies Hardwood Derby Stick with Filigree Collar


Gents Hardwood Derby Stick with Filigree Collar


Gents Ash Derby Stick with Brass Collar


Ladies Birch Derby Walking Stick


Gents Birch Derby Walking Stick


Ladies Blackthorn Derby Stick with Maple Handle


Gents Blackthorn Derby Stick with Maple Handle



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