Ball topped Sticks

Knobsticks are popular among country walkers and also walking stick users who find it more comfortable to hold a ball shape handle instead of a grip handle. We have rustic ball topped sticks made from one piece of wood with the bark still attached. We also have more finished ball topper canes with acrylic or resin handles on turned and varnished or painted shafts.

Blackthorn Knobstick


Bronze Ball Top Walking Stick


Blackthorn Pistol Grip Cane with Beech Handle


Blackthorn Pistol Grip Cane with Sandalwood Handle


Flame Scorched and Polished Ash Knobstick 91cm


Natural Chestnut Knob Stick


Hazel Knob Stick - Medium & Stout


Stag Antler Knob Stick


Chestnut Spiral Knob Stick


Pistol Grip Cane


Blackthorn Shillelagh



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