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Laminated Right Hand Wooden Orthopaedic Cane

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A very special cane for the discerning stick user. The ergonomically designed Relax handle is shaped to support the user's hand and prevent it slipping forwards. The handle shape is often very comfortable for sufferers of hand problems caused by rheumatism and arthritis. The handle is cut from laminated wood in brown, black and cream strips, the curved design resulting in a beautiful and eye-catching pattern. The beech wood shaft is stained dark brown, with three vertical stripes etched into the wood to provide further decorative detail. The overall height of this cane is 92.5cm and it is fitted with a non-slip rubber ferrule. Item weight 340g. Ferrule diameter 19mm. Please remember this stick is only available for use in the the right hand.

  • Order code 1903r
  • For use in right hand only
  • Wooden shaft with 3 decorative vertical etched lines
  • Height 92.5cm
  • Laminated wooden handle
  • Stick diameter 21mm tapering to 18mm
  • Weight 340 grams
  • Complete with rubber ferrule
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