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Purple Offset Cane

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The special shape of the offset cane centres your weight correctly over the shaft, providing maximum support. The overall height can be adjusted (in 1.2cm increments) from 31 (79cm) to 40 inches (101.5cm) and then kept at the setting that suits you best by ensuring the button is pushed through the hole and the collar tightened to keep it in place. These sticks have a replaceable sponge handle, a handy wrist cord and a robust rubber ferrule already fitted. Our offset sticks are made from lightweight aluminium metal and are designed to last well.

  • Order code 70P
  • Height adjustable 31 to 40 inches
  • Weight 375g
  • Adjustable aluminium shaft
  • 10 adjustable settings on shaft 1.2 cm apart.
  • Soft grip handle
  • Complete with Wrist Strap
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