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Paisley Patterned Quad Cane

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This quad cane is meant to be used in the right hand so that the protruding feet and base point away form the user's feet. We have two other quad canes for sale in plain black and a bronze coloured aluminium. All of our quad canes have comfortable sponge handles which we sell replacements for in the accessories section. The feet are covered in four rubber ferrules (order code rff80 will fit) which we also supply replacements for. You can adjust the height between 73 and 96cm to whatever height feels most comfortable to use. This is a self-standing walking stick so you don't need to worry about dropping it once you let go of the handle. A wrist strap is also included for extra security.

  • Order code geh353
  • Handle height adjusts from 73 to 96cm
  • Swan neck centres users weight over the shaft
  • Paisley patterned shaft
  • Weight 980g
  • To be used in right hand
  • Complete with four rubber ferrules
  • Comfortable sponge handle cover and wrist strap
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