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Audio Walking Stick Instruction Manual

Ventus Audio Walking Stick / Rechargeable Radio Walking Stick

Model :LT-1003 / VIP7383

Size :700*157*38mm ,Weight :300g

Working Principle :

This product includes a high quality radio circuit with a built in press button digital tuning FM radio, the built-in battery can be charged by external standard USB 5V cable and provide the power for LED lighting , LED flashing ,speaker siren ,and radio . .

Functions :

1.High sensitive FM radio ;

2.LED lighting and flashing ;

3.100 dB siren function for warning in case of the user should fall suddenly

4.Standard USB 5V charge the built-in rechargeable battery .Convenient to use, no external batteries are needed

5.Adjustable high strenth aluminium alloy shaft

6.Weather proof design

7.Concealed magnet in the top of handle

Main Technical Parameters:


Sensitivity of the FM: Better than 10uV

Reception scope of the FM: 76—108MHz

The audio frequency output power: More than 100mW

Radio working time after fully charged: More Than 6 Hours


The max luminous of 2 pieces LED: More than 20lm

Lighting time after fully charged: More than 12 hours

Flashing and Lighting time after fully charged: More than 6 hours

Siren time after fully charged: About 6 hours


Input Voltage: 5—5.3V

Charging Connector: DC plug ?3.5 * ?1.1

Fully Charged Time by 5V Input: About 3 hours

Operation method

1.Height Adjustment

Slacken the locking ring a couple of turns ,Push in the sprung button ,and slide the telescopic shaft to the desired length.

For your safety , please ensure button is fully located in one of the holes and tighten the height adjuster locking ring to secure a safe lock.

2.LED Lighting, Flashing and Siren

LED switch models :White LED Lighting --- White LED Lighting +Red LED Flashing --OFF---100dB speaker alarm + Red LED Flashing

3.Reception of FM Radio

(1)Turn on the radio power switch , then press the key “scan forward” & “scan backward” ,to select the radio program required.

(2)Press the key “volume up” & “volume down”, to adjust the volume required.

(3)This unit adopts telescoping antenna to receive signal for FM, when the signal is weak, you can change the direction of the antenna to find the optimal position, which can improve the radio reception.


Insert the USB male head of the connect cable into the USB hole of computer or adaptor, and the other DC connector into the unit, the power can charge into the battery of this unit, also the red indicator is on, if the battery fully charged, the red indicator will be dead.


Concealed magnet found on top of the handle, which is ideal for picking up metal objects such as dropped keys.


(1) Do not point light directly at eyes.

(2) Do not submerge in water.

(3) The onboard siren alert enables the user to attract attention in emergencies.

(4) Do not impact the stick heavily due to it will damage the plastic and electronic parts.

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