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Stickmaking Kit Instructions

To fit the handle to the shank, use a 10mm spanner to gently wind the coach bolt into the handle approximately 30 to 40mm deep. You must be careful not to over tighten this bolt as if could result in the handle splitting.

Then, measure 25mm from the bottom of the handle and cut the coach bolt off there. 25mm length is all that is needed, if you leave it longer in anticipation of a more secure fixing, you will split the shank.

Using fast setting Epoxy glue, liberally coat the handle recess and the shank top. Then screw the two together and wipe off any excess glue.

Using wome wire wool, rub the inside of the ferrule taking care there are no sharp edges. Having checked the length of shank you require, either reshape the taper on the shank or use the preformed shape. Check the fit of the ferrule to its full depth on the shank.

Epoxy glue the ferrule to the shank and when dry you can wire wool the exterior to expose the brass finish.

Sand and prepare your stick to the level you require and finish with Danish oil or varnish as you prefer. Danish oil provides a matt finish while varnish can be gloss or matt.

Enjoy making your own stick with this lovely kit and if you get inspired and want to get creative and make more of your own then we will be more than happy to sell them for you on our website.

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