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How to Adjust the Height of your Hiking Poles

Inside each adjustment point on the hiking stick there is an "expander". Here, an internal split dowel expands and locks the poles into position when twisted clockwise. When twisted anti-clockwise , the dowel unlocks and the pole can be shortened or lengthened to the appropriate height. A half turn is all that is required to loosen the extending mechanism.

The lowest section should be fully extended to the "stop max" mark, and the pole then adjusted to the required height using the middle section.

CAUTION: Do not extend the hiking poles beyond the "stop max" mark.

Each hiking pole has a removeable plastic basket that can be clicked on at the bottom of each pole to prevent the pole from sinking into soft ground

There is a small 'bite' taken out of each basket so that two poles can be held easily together when not in use.

How Long to Make your Hiking Poles

As the poles are fully height-adjustable, it is possible for every walker to find their ideal walking position. As a general guide, most walkers find the following arrangements most suitable for different types of terrain:

Walking on the flat:

The poles should be adjusted so that the walker's forearms are bent at an angle of 90 degrees to their body when stationary.

Walking uphill

The poles should be shortened so that they can be placed easily and comfortably in front of the body to allow for extra support and ease of movement.

Walking downhill

The poles should be lengthened so that the walker's posture remains upright rather than bent forward.

Walking on a transverse gradient

When walking across the side of a hill, lengthen the pole on the downhill side and shorten the pole on the uphill side. This will help to maintain balance and provide support.

Always check that your poles are completely locked before use.


In the event of the shaft sections being unscrewed too far, the locking expander dowel may be left "floating" in the upper shaft section. It can be retrieved by gently pushing the lower shaft comppletely into the upper shaft. Twisting the lower shaft clockwise for a couple of turns will then reunite the screw threads with the expander.

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