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Blackthorn Cross Head One Piece Stick

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A rare blackthorn one-piece cross head wallking stick. Blackthorn is only found in the British Isles and is hard to find at length and a good diameter. This is a kind of stick to snap up while you can. Naturally grown one-piece walking sticks with cross head handles. The handles are formed when a branch or root grows at a 90 degree angle from the branch that will be used to make the shank of the walking stick. This natural process results in a very strong, comfortable and lightweight walking stick. A bit about crosshead walking sticks. A very traditional and interesting walking stick that is also a great talking point. The method of growing them is unusual: the tiny sapling is uprooted when only a few inches high and replanted on its side, with soil ridged over it. To survive, the sapling sends up a shoot, which gradually grows in diameter until it is big enough to form the shaft of the walking stick. The plant is then uprooted again, and the root system is fashioned into the handle. The right angle that has been produced makes a very strong stick, because it has grown in that shape rather than being steamed and bent into position. As each root system is different, each of these sticks is unique. Sometimes the root system produces lots of toes in the handle, sometimes a smoother handle results.

  • Order code 1419
  • made from one piece of blackthorn
  • A dense and iron hard stick
  • Height 92cm
  • Cross head handle
  • Diameter of shaft 23 to 25mm
  • Metal ferrule
  • Weight 400 grams
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