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Hand Carved Spaniel on Chestnut Stick

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This is a superior quality handmade walking stick that will make a great gift for someone special. Please tell us the height you need when making the order by ticking the box above and enering the toal height required in centimetres or inches. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery and an extra 4 weeks in the run up to Christmas. The stick maker who makes these does a variety of country shows and has been featured in many magazines and is this a very busy man.

  • Order code pl14
  • Height up to 135cm (enter height required below)
  • Hand Carved Spaniel dog handle
  • Stick Diameter 18-21mm
  • English Chestnut wood shank
  • Weight 400 grams
  • Complete with brass ferrule
  • Handles - each one is different but is always made from an interesting piece of wood such as a burl, walnut, sycamore ect)
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