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Folding Paisley Mini Walking Stick

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Our mini folding canes have always been one of our best-selling items. They are light, easy to use and can be packed away and taken on holiday without a fuss. This pretty floral patterned stick is no exception and can be gift-wrapped too if you like. This five part folding stick (along with the order code geh3313) is supplied with a handy holding clip to keep it in a folded up position and a zip-up carry case. You can adjust the height of this stick from 84 to 92cm and it is supplied with a rubber ferrule fitted to the end. The shaft sections are made from aluminium and the handle from wood.

  • Order code geh3312
  • Aluminium bronze coloured shaft
  • Folds up into 5 parts 25 x 13cm
  • Weight 320 grams
  • Height Adjustable from 84 to 92cm
  • Wooden Derby handle (measures 12.5 x 2cm)
  • Shaft Diameter (top section) 18mm, end section 15mm
  • Complete with rubber ferrule and holding clip
  • Wrist strap and check pattern zip-up carry wallet included
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