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Claret Floral Folding Stick with Quilted Bag

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  • Order code 4811b
  • Folds into 5 sections to fit into a handbag (measures 15cm x 28cm when folded)
  • Height Adjustable from 84cm to 92cm
  • Weight 300g
  • Complete with 5/8 inch rubber ferrule
  • Lightweight Aluminium shaft
  • Complete with wrist strap & quilted bag
  • Crutch handle & finished with a brass collar

This stick is made from lightweight aluminium metal and the crutch shaped handle is wooden. When folded up inside the complimentary quilted bag, it measures just 15cm x 28cm. This is a very nice folding walking stick that is height adjustable from 84cm to 92cm (33 to 36.2 inches). When the stick is set to the correct height by pushing in the silver button, twisting the two sections to move it to the next hole above or below and then tightening the collar, it won't need to be changed again.

The stick is easily folded up or extended by pulling the sections apart or giving it a shake to extend it. The pieces are held together by an elastic cord running through the inside of the walking stick. This stick comes complete with a wrist strap (to free up your hands when required) and a rubber ferrule over the tip.

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