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Black Floral Petite Folding Cane

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This is a small handled folding walking stick for ladies. All of the dimensions are petite and the stick folds down into four parts for easy storage in a bag or drawer. The height can be adjusted between 78 and 85 centimetres (30 to 40 inches) by using the simple adjusting mechanism and then once the correct height is set, it won't need to be altered again. The aluminium shaft and the handle have a delicate black floral design covering them and the stick is finished with a rubber ferrule. Please add a couple of spare rubber ferrules to your order for future use as they will wear down with use. We have a large range of folding sticks in a whole array of colours and designs. Please use the menu above to browse our folding walking sticks.

  • Order code 4616f
  • Folds down neatly into 4 parts (28cm x 10cm)
  • Height Adjustable from 78cm to 85cm
  • Weight 300g
  • Complete with 5/8 inch rubber ferrule
  • Lightweight Aluminium shaft
  • Crutch style handle & finished with a brass collar
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