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National Gallery Folding Derby Stick Sunflowers

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Produced by Classic Canes under licence from The National Gallery in London, this adjustable derby cane features the iconic 'Sunflowers' painting by Vincent van Gogh, 1853-1890. Painted in 1888, 'Sunflowers' is one of van Gogh's most instantly recognisable masterpieces and a great favourite worldwide. This four-section folding cane is height adjustable between 82 to 92cm (approximately 32 - 36 inches), making it suitable for a wide variety of users' heights. Item Weight 420g. Ferrule Diameter 19mm.

  • Order code 4662a
  • Derby style handle
  • Aluminium metal shaft (folds into 4 sections)
  • Sunflowers by Vincent van Gogh
  • Height adjustable from 82 to 92cm
  • Rubber ferrule (diameter 19mm)
  • Weight 420 grams

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