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Transparent Lucite Crook Stick

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A cheerful, fun and stylish walking stick for rainy days. Handmade in France. Delivered to you in a beautiful box with two spare robust rubber ferrules with steel washers inside. This is the calm, elegant meeting point between cool blue and warm red, symbolising grace, refinement and luxury. Purple holds a sense of power, wisdom and decadence, and echoes of fields of French lavender, stretching into sunny horizon. The tallest height this stick can be is 96.5cm, but it will be made to order to whatever height you want. Just enter the height above when you place your order. There is also a choice of handle size. Standard 9cm and extra large 10cm. Please make your choice above too. These sticks are made to order in France so we cannot offer the next day delivery for these sticks. Delivery will be inside 1 week though to UK addresses.

  • Height 38 inches (96.5 cm) - Can be shortened.
  • Made from one inch lucite (2.54cm)
  • Handles availble in 2 sizes. Standard 90mm and extra large 100mm
  • Weight 700g
  • Transparent Finish
  • Maximum User Weight 81kg (12.5 stone)
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