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Brass Crown Handled Walking Cane

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The polished brass handle on this walking cane looks lovely on the beech wood shank. You can keep the handle nice and shiny with some Brasso and a cloth. This walking stick is 91cm (36 Inches) tall but can be shortened if needed, before despatch. The brass handle is 4cm in diameter and the shaft tapers from 24mm under the handle to 20mm at the end. A rubber ferrule is fitted to the end which will need replacing every now and then when it wears down.

  • Order code 204
  • Height 91cm (36 Inches)
  • Handle Diameter 4cm
  • Stick Diameter 24mm tapering to 20mm
  • Brass Crown Style Handle with brass collar
  • Weight 300g
  • Complete with rubber ferrule
  • Beech wood shaft

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