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Light Chestnut Hiking Stick

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This solid chestnut wood hiking stick or pole has had the bark removed. Made from a very light in colour chestnut wood. The tip is finished with a strong spike which you can put a rubber ferrule over for use on hard ground. This walking stick has a diameter that varies between 22mm and 27mm. If the diameter matters to you, please email or phone us to request a particular size. The height is 127cm which is the standard height for a wooden hiking stick, suitable for people 5 foot 10 or less. Chestnut is a popular material for stick making as it is lightweight and strong.

  • Order code eh530
  • Height 127cm
  • Chestnut stick with stripped bark
  • Stick diameter varies between 22mm and 27mm
  • Spiked Tip
  • Brown cotton wrist cord
  • Weight 460 grams
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