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Stripped Bark Chestnut Wading Staff

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This is very well made wading stick with a weighted end to prevent it from floating off down stream. The lanyard (strap) is long enough to wrap around your body for extra security and is made of rope. There is also rope wrapped around the handle part for extra grip. This wading stick is made from chestnut wood and is 140cm (55 inches) tall. The weighted end and heavy duty rubber ferrule make this a heavy stick at 1270 grams. We also stock a red stag antler topped wading stick which is just as well-made and has the same features as this one. This item can be delivered to any UK address next working day or on a Saturday as long as it is ordered before 1pm the previous working day.

  • Order code 3580
  • Height 140cm
  • Chestnut
  • Weight 1270g
  • Rope handle (13cm)
  • Rope Lanyard
  • Weighted End
  • Complete with heavy duty rubber ferrule
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