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This is a high quality wading stick with a weighted end so if won't float off downstream when you are out fishing. The deer antler handle adds a very nice country finish to it as well and is cut from a naturally shed red stag antler. The height to thte bottom of the V handle will be between 125 and 130cm and the shank is made from English hazel. The overall weight is 800 grams. A wading stick is one of the most useful things to take with you on a hunt or for fishing in faster moving waters. A wading stick is traditionally a thumbstick with a weighted end and a long lanyard that can be wrapped around the body. The weighted end also allows you to test the depth of the water when crossing rivers and ponds and gives you balance, preventing you from falling in.

  • Order code 2410
  • Height 135cm
  • Hazel Shaft
  • Weight 800g
  • Antler thumbstick handle
  • Lanyard
  • Weighted End
  • Complete with heavy duty rubber ferrule
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