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Short Ash Thumbstick

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This is a lovely, natural ash thumbstick for country walkers who prefer to use a shorter thumbstick. Some of our customers also prefer this shaped handle if they suffer from swollen or arthritic hands. The typical grey/green bark of the ash wood has been kept on this walking stick and looks very fine. The height to the bottom of the V is approximately 110cm and the diameter is between 22mm and 26mm. As this is a natural product, the dimensions may very a little but they are all good quality items. The tip has a combination ferrule which consists of a metal screw head with a rubber ferrule to fit over it (or not, whichever you prefer).

  • Order code 3557
  • Height 105cm to bottom of V (110cm total)
  • Made from Ash with bark
  • Weight 220g
  • Complete with combi spike/rubber ferrule
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