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Red Stag Antler Thumbstick

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This walking stick is 136cm (53.5 inches) tall and the tip has a metal ferrule fitted to fit. You can use a rubber ferrule over the top of the metal one if you want a grip ferrule as well. This thumbstick has a chestnut wood shaft with a stag antler handle. We also have more thumbsticks in the handmade section if you are looking for something a bit special. The stag antlers are grown and shed every year by the red deer or sika deer. The antler is then cut in different places to get the V shaped handle desired. Depending on the number of tines or points the antler has, the stick maker can usually get about three handles from each antler.

  • Order code 44
  • Height 136cm
  • Naturally cast Staghorn handle and natural wood shaft
  • Weight 400g
  • Complete with metal ferrule


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