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Chestnut Combination Spiked Tip Thumbstick

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This is a simple, robust thumbstick made from chestnut wood which has had the bark removed and the wood stained brown. Thumbsticks are meant to be held with the thumb hooked over the V and the V at the same height as the users shoulder so that the arm also makes a V shape with the elbow down. Thumbsticks don't need to be a perfect height like other walking sticks do. This one is between 130 and 135cm tall and weighs approximately 500 grams. The tip is a metal point with a removeable rubber ferrule for use on hard and soft ground alike. Our long hiking sticks and thubsticks are perfect for personalising with badges or coloured rope and ribbons or anything else you can tie around the shank to make it your own.

  • Order code 1407
  • Height 135cm
  • Natural Chestnut wood shaft
  • Weight 550g
  • Combination Spike & rubber ferrule
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