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Verdi Topper Walking Stick

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Purchase a classical composer walking stick here. This stick features a bust of the famous Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi ( 9 or 10 October 1813 to 27 January 1901) for the handle. We stock a whole range of famous character and famous composer topped walking sticks. The hardwood shaft tapers from 22 to 17mm in diameter and the height is 91cm (36 inches). This walking stick is made in Spain. The handle diameter is 4cm and this stick is finished with a collar around the neck and a metal ferrule covering the tip. Please add a rubber ferrule to your order if you want a grip ferrule too. The resin handle makes this stick heavier than our wooden ones at 440 grams.

  • Order code eh696
  • Height 91cm (36 Inches)
  • Handle Diameter 40mm
  • Stick Diameter 22mm tapering to 17mm
  • Moulded Resin Handle
  • Weight 440 grams
  • Complete with brass collar and ferrule
  • Hardwood shaft
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