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Famous People Topper Sticks

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Our collectible range of walking sticks make great presents and are also used for theatrical productions.
These sticks are not meant for daily mobility use, but occasional use or as part of a collection instead.

Our famous people range includes famous composers, dukes, kings and playwrights. 

Henry Eighth Walking Stick

Henry Eighth Walking Stick S51


Duke of Wellington Walking Stick

Duke of Wellington Walking Stick S27


Schubert Topper Walking Stick

Schubert Topper Walking Stick eh694


Verdi Topper Walking Stick

Verdi Topper Walking Stick eh696


Bach Topper Walking Stick

Bach Topper Walking Stick eh697


Chopin Topper Walking Stick

Chopin Topper Walking Stick eh698


Wagner Topper Walking Stick

Wagner Topper Walking Stick eh699


Churchill Walking Cane

Churchill Walking Cane 4060B


Shakespeare Walking Cane

Shakespeare Walking Cane 4060C


Nelson Walking Cane

Nelson Walking Cane 4060F


Mozart Walking Cane

Mozart Walking Cane 5100A


Beethoven Walking Cane

Beethoven Walking Cane 5100B


Sherlock Holmes Walking Stick

Sherlock Holmes Walking Stick 646


Classical Composer Topped Walking Sticks

Who is your favourite composer? Schubert, Verdi, Bach, Chopin, Wagner, Beethoven or Mozart

Famous Character Walking Canes

It's not just composers, we also have some famous film character handled sticks and other historical figures. 

Looking for a certain walking stick?

If you cannot find the walking stick you are after, please email or call us and we will see if we can order it in for you (usually just a couple of days extra for delivery).

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