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Walking Stick Cropping Service £6.00

Enter Height Required:

If you are buying a walking stick from us that has a wooden shaft you can have it shortened to the required height for only £6.00

Please check the height of the walking stick as described on each page, most of our one-piece walking sticks with wooden shafts are 91cm or 36 inches in height.

If you require a shorter stick, please enter the TOTAL required height (in inches or centimetres) in the form above.

This service is particularly useful if you are replacing a much loved walking stick that you have used for many years and is just the right height!

Please note: The £6.00 fee is non-refundable.

Please note: If the stick you are purchasing has a steel ferrule, after we have cut it down to size this will be replaced by a rubber ferrule.

If you have any doubts about getting the right height, please email us info@walkingsticksonline.co.uk

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