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Choosing a Walking Stick

When looking at a range of over seven hundred sticks at walkingsticksonline.co.uk, how do you choose the walking stick that's right for you or someone else?

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a walking stick...

1. Our sticks are not medical aids

The walking sticks in our range are not certified medical walking aids. Please consult your doctor to find out what kind of stick you need. Or if you are buying for somebody else, try to find out whether they need a normal walking stick or a special one.

2. Walking stick measurements

The walking sticks featured on this website are all 36 inches or 91 centimetres in height unless otherwise stated. We do have a few extra long walking sticks in stock and some adjustable canes too. Please use our new inches/cm or cm/inches conversion calculator here

3. Recommended Height

When the handle reaches the wrist bone, the walking stick is at the recommended length. To measure for your correct height, stand up straight with your arms flat to your sides and measure the distance from the ground to your wrist.

4. Is the stick for occasional or heavy use?

Please see the '7.walking stick handles' guide below.

5. Natural wood, patterned, coloured or decorated?

Now, this is were the decisions start! We have a massive choice of both natural and decorative walking sticks and its down to personal preference. If you are buying a walking stick as a gift, then why not consider a Walking Sticks Gft Voucher instead?

6. Folding Walking Sticks

The folding sticks are available in nine different kinds but they all are height adjustable as well.

7. Which type of handle?

The anatomically shaped handles are available in both left and right hand styles. These handles are incredibly comfortable and are designed to fit the palm of the hand. This is a good handle choice for someone who uses a walking stick all of the time especially to lean on with their full weight.

Crook handled sticks are designed to hook over the arm when not in use to free the hands, as are the Derby canes. The folding walking sticks have a wrist cord for this purpose.

Crutch Handled walking sticks are for those who need a reliable grip that will promote confidence in the user.

Moulded Top Handles are more decorative than practical and are more for the collector or as a gift for occasional use.

Thumbsticks are designed for the user to rest the thumb in the V of the handle for balance and to lean on.

Knobsticks are strong, one piece walking sticks for those who prefer to grip a ball shaped handle..

8. Folding Seats, flipsticks and shooting sticks

Folding seats are just that. Flip sticks can be used as a lean-to seat or as a stick. Shooting sticks have a metal spiked end that can be pushed into the ground for balance.

9. Weight Limits

All of our walking sticks have been tested up to a weight of 15 stone. The seat sticks have their own weight limits displayed in each product page description.

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