Our Stick Cropping Service

As you will have noticed on the website, we offer a cropping service for all walking sticks with wooden shafts. The crop service is only to make any sticks we sell SHORTER than the length specified online. If you want a stick to be longer, then we would ask one of our skilled handmade stick makers if they could make one for you at the required height.

The crop service is £6 for any number of sticks in the same order and a rubber ferrule is put on the tip (even if the original had a steel ferrule). The cut is made with a simple hacksaw with a fine blade and can be done by the customer if he/she prefers.

If you require a stick to be shortened, you will need to tell us the exact length you want the stick (in centimetres or inches) by entering into the box on the website, not forgetting to tick the little box aswell to add it to the cart.

It is better if you add the actual length required instead of the user’s height so that the perfect stick height is acheived. The height of the user doesn’t tell us if he or she has long or short legs or long or short arms or any other possible variables.

If you are buying a stick as a present for somebody, you might want to consider a height adjustable walking stick instead so that the user can easily adjust it themselves. We don’t have any wooden adjustable canes but we do have a good range of patterned or plain coloured adjustable walking canes.