Time for Ice grips Again!

Yes it’s that time of year again. Icy pavements and puddles, slippery mud and treacherous steps. Well, we stock just the right accessories for you and your walking stick and they both make good gift ideas this Christmas.

For your walking stick we have a spiky metal gadget that you fit on over the tip that can be flipped up when you don’t need it (going indoors for example). We call it the Ice Grip Ferrule and fits most sticks with a diameter of up to one inch. This gadget sells out quickly especially when the very cold weather starts.

And for your person we have ice grips for your shoes. These are a bit like crampons that ice climbers use but with less dramatic spikes! You just need to order your shoe size range and they will fit your shoes. We have full length grips and half sized grips which can be worn with high heeled shoes.

You can also buy replacement spikes or studs so that these robust accessories can be used year after year.

Anyhow that’s enough of my rabbiting, click on any of the links above or next to take a look yourself! Go Shopping for Ice Grips!