Ice Grip Ferrules for Icy Weather

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Snow and ice, wet and muddy, you need an ice grip. This week (until the 2nd February) you can get an ice grip ferrule half price at just £4.37 when you spend at least £20 at

So far the winter in the UK has been mild with lots of rain but no snow and very little ice and the forecast for February sees unsettled and changeable weather so no surprise there!

The ice grip ferrule fits any walking stick with a diameter of no more than 25mm by tightening two small screws. It is very easy to fit. There is a flip-up mechanism on the ferrule which allows the spikes to be moved to point upwards and out of the way when you don’t need them, for example, when you go indoors or when the weather is fine.

These are very handy gadgets. One of our customers buys a stash of them to sell or give away to people she meets who could use an ice grip ferrule.

Buy an ice grip ferrule here
Buy an ice grip ferrule here