Cane Holders are Back in Stock

Good news, the cane holders are back in stock! Both the white and red cane holders are back in and ready to send. Thank you for your patience if you have been waiting for yours..

These light, soft rubber cane holders are easy to use and are really useful, particularly for securing your walking stick against a table edge to prevent it falling to the floor. I’m sure this will save many sticks from chips and dents or from being left behind somewhere because it was out of sight.

A recent customer conversation:

“I’m 88 next birthday. All I want is that thingo which fits on a stick and prevents it falling off the table. Please don’t launch me into long, twisting cyber corridors; I’m afraid of the dark.”

“Dearest Emily, I am delighted with my w/stick thing-o. Many thanks.”

And another:

“I ordered from you a Cane Holder for the folding walking stick that I purchased from you a few months previously. Finding somewhere to park a stick whilst sitting at a dinner table is somewhat problematic. The Cane Holder worked perfectly. numerous guests approached me and inquired where I had bought the Cane Holder – I hope your sales have improved.” Liz

Cane holder
Cane holder