For When Its Raining Cats and Dogs

Browse our range of rain umbrellas in bright colours and fun designs with wooden walking stick style crook handles.
Just the ticket when it’s raining cats and dogs, these umbrellas are available in 36 beautiful designs. From Jack Russells and Yorkshire Terriers to Labradors and Poodles, you are sure to find a design that pleases you. The bright colours used and the size of the silhouettes on each of the eight panels on each umbrella combine to make really attractive umbrellas that everyone will envy!
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Cats and Dogs Rain Umbrellas
Cats and Dogs Rain Umbrellas
These fun, functional rain umbrellas double up as walking sticks. The 12 inch deep and 48 inch wide waterproof canopy offers excellent protection from the elements! The materials used it the construction of these beautiful brollies are of the highest quality; fiberglass ribs, steel shaft and a high quality polyester (called Pongee) canopy.
If you are looking for a strong, durable, wind-resistant rain umbrella with a steel shaft, fiberglass ribs and wooden walking stick style crook handle you have found the right page!