We Love Thumbsticks. New Thumb sticks Now In

These attractive country sticks are available in various different woods. We currently have stock of ash, hazel, chestnut, stag horn handled, junior sticks and wading sticks.

We find the sales usually increase this time of year as the weather starts to improve and the evenings become longer, bringing on the outdoor season.

The thumbstick is designed to be held with the thumb crooked over the dip of the V handle and is very popular among countrymen and outdoor types. We have some with some useful adaptations such as the whistle thumbstick which has a whistle cut into the stag horn handle. Good for dog-walkers and for calling for help!

Some customers also use thumbsticks at a cropped height of about 36 inches (91
centimetres) to use as a regular walking stick as they find this kind of handle more comfortable to grip. This may be the case for arthritis sufferers or people with other problems effecting the hands.

The wading sticks are basically thumbsticks that have been modified to aid fishermen fishing in rivers and lakes. The end is weighted to prevent the stick from floating (and floating off down river if you let it go!) and the stick has a lanyard, or long strap, that can be wrapped around the body. Both adaptations help the fisherman with balance and prevent him from loosing his stick.

We really love thumbsticks and we have just got some brand new handmade ones in. The new sticks are made from Hazel, two of which have attractive and unusual twisty parts caused by honeysuckle growing with the hazel tree. The honeysuckle has been kept and bonded on to the shaft as it is so beautiful.

Handmade Twisty Hazel Thumbstick
Handmade Twisty Hazel Thumbstick

Hannah comments, ” I love the way thumbsticks are sold and are so popular because of the natural process that went to produce them. When I walk through a coppiced woodland, I can see thumbsticks everywhere growing out of the trees, its great. I particularly like the ones with a taller V handle and the ones that have grown so perfectly that the stick maker doesn’t need to cut out any material from the handle to make it comfortable.

Our thumbsticks are long, usually at least 130 centimetres, which enables plenty of room for personalisation. You can add badges, engraved collars or plaques or some pyrography. Click on any of the images below or the following link to view the thumbsticks currently available to buy at www.walkingsticksonline.co.uk

Ash thumbstick
Ash thumbstick